Karen Crocker Biography

Karen CrockerKaren Crocker

As an artist, I specialize in landscape and seascape oil paintings. Born and raised on Cape Cod and I enjoy capturing the vague terrain of a fog-ridden beach, the clouds that linger in an ever changing sky or the vastness of a deserted field left to the wind. My style if somewhat impressionistic where the earth is my main source of inspiration.

After attending the University of Maine as a fine arts major I have developed my unique style through soothing colors, layering brush strokes and simple subject matter.  I never intend to paint any piece to look like a photograph. While painting, I constantly challenge my eye to a fine line and obsolete.

I believe in allowing my viewers to question exactly what they see in my work. This allows my viewer the power to determine what they see and form their emotional attachment.  In each piece, the goal is to accomplish a sense of serenity and beauty.  This leaves my viewer with a feeling of solitude without feeling alone, appreciating the beauty the earth has to offer. Each piece, although painted from an actual place could be anywhere, you decide.   Enjoy the experience of my work.

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