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Kevin King

Art is energy shaped by intelligence, spirit, and will. This energy is generated in the land of our ancestors, where the stream of existence flows. We are fed by this. We carry the fire.

All artists drink from the same pool, the sweet waters of this life force, as each creation marks a celebration of the journey. We travel to the pool to look upon the waters of inspiration, the footprints of those who have traveled before guide us. We learn from their works; the haunting rhythm of their instruments move us, their scribbled pages, the songs of our history, the painted sunflowers with the radiance of the sun.

We go there to return with the gift. We bring with us the light from the pool to share, to hang on the wall, to sing in the concert halls and the streets, stacking the shelves with pages of light, leaping through the air to dance with it, drawing the bow across its strings, banging on the drum of it all day.

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