Kay Ritter Biography

Kay RitterKay Ritter

Although I spent the first half of my career as an artist making rather whimsical fabric mache figures, the longing to make pictures of things I found beautiful or interesting set me on a new course, one I have followed for the last 20 years.

My subjects tend to be denizens of the natural world, for which I feel a particular reverence or, in the case of animals, a tender connection. I am an avid gardener and often paint what I grow. The challenge is to describe the chosen objects in such a way as to leave the viewer with an emotional experience, ideally one of pleasure. To that end I employ a painstaking technique, observing and recording what I have arranged. Manipulating the light, which for me is almost always natural light, is essential to the success of the painting.

As my work has evolved, I often include the suggestion of a story behind the image portrayed. Most importantly, I want each painting to invite the viewer into an alternate reality where amusement and speculation reign.

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