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Patrick Dennis

Patrick Dennis is an American painter born in 1955.  He has lived in California, Oregon, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, and Washington D.C. In his life, he has been a musician, restaurateur, teacher, museum specialist, gallerist, lobbyist, and founder of thirteen art festivals. He is a father, grandfather, and provider for an exceptionally large dog. The common thread throughout these various careers and locales is his love of painting for the last 30 years. He enjoys the seclusion and intuitive process of painting and challenging his own perceptions and skills.  Whether depicting a stark environment or the contrast of urban encroachment, his painter’s eye sees the world from the perspective of a landscape composition with endless interpretations.

Living in Cambria on California’s Central Coast provides bountiful inspiration, but it is the reflections on our precarious relationship with nature that prompts him to explore ways to render the evolution.

Rather than painting alone at home, he paints in a public studio space and displays his work there. This serves to engage the public in his process.  As a result, he stops and starts frequently and must rely on memory to render those layers on canvas.


It is important for him to create an engaging, yet tranquil painting that conveys an impression of the struggle between nature and our encroaching urbanization.  Hard edges and texture are contrasted with soft hues and ambiguous compositions.  The genesis of each painting involves re-appropriating memories of a real place from fragmented or overlapping timelines to inform the layers of paint.  The excavation process uncovers and exposes elements from the original composition resulting in a finished product that represents a suggestion of the original intent.  Memories, after all, become obscured, losing sharpness over time, thus the impressionistic results.​​

“It’s not only about rendering the elements of sky, earth, and water in variation.  It’s about capturing the memory fragment salvaged from the experience.”

After priming a clean canvas, he often sketches in the composition using black gesso.  This ingredient will inform the surface.  He starts with a “real” place in mind and then edits the details with each layer until the result is an impression. Mixing varnish with paint, he applies an underlayment of torn porous paper.  He often uses sheet music, poetry, newsprint, maps, or tissue forming a mosaic collage pattern knowing this layer will almost certainly be obscured or covered by subsequent layers of paint.

The paper under the paint creates a stable textured substrata. Once the foundation has cured, he chips, peels, and sands off any loose materials.  Up to six additional layers of paint will be applied to create an atmospheric or abstract landscape composition using brushes, scrapers, palette knives, and feathering tools.  Layers may be excavated to expose the underlying surface, adding relevance and depth to the finished piece.


Patrick’s work is held in private collections in the United States, including Georgia, Florida, New York, California, Arizona, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington, Montana, and New Jersey.  International collections include Paris, London, Dubai, Perth, and Vancouver.

Patrick has exhibited in numerous exhibitions and art fairs including:



Santa Eufemia Gallery

Group Exhibition, “Zones of Immaterial Sensitivity”

October 2021, Venice Italy


Stefania Carrozzini Gallery

Solo exhibition, “Thresholds

February 2020, Milan, Italy


Alessandro Berni Gallery

Group exhibition, “Abstract Now!”

November 2019, Perugia, Italy



Group exhibition, “The Colour of Thought

October 2019, Milan, Italy


Onishi Project

Group exhibition, “The Colour of Thought

May 2019, New York, NY


Patrick Gallery

Curator for solo exhibition, “Rediscovering Marshall Lewis

April 2019, Cambria, CA


Camden Image Gallery

Group exhibition, “Silent Witness

February 2019, London, England


Amsterdam Whitney Gallery

Group exhibition, “Moulin Rouge

December 2018, New York, NY


Defoor Center

Solo exhibition, “Natural Beauty

March 2014, Atlanta, GA


Defoor Center

Group exhibition, “Elements

February 2015, Atlanta, GA


Westside Foundry

Dedicated solo gallery

2013-2014, Atlanta, GA


Decatur Gallery

Owner, curator

2011 – 2016, Atlanta, GA


Catherine Miles Gallery

Solo exhibition

2012, Atlanta, GA




Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival, CA. 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016

Beverly Hills ArtSHOW, CA. 2019, 2018, 2017

Palo Alto Festival of the Arts, CA.  2019, 2018, 2016

La Quinta Arts Festival, CA. 2017

Calabasas Fine Arts Festival, CA. 2016

Westwood Village Fine Art Festival, CA. 2016

Old Town Art Show, St. Augustine, FL. 2011

Deland Fall Festival of the Arts, FL. 2010

Sarasota Fall Fine Art Festival, FL. 2010

St. Armands Circle Art Festival, Sarasota, FL. 2010

Las Olas Art Fair, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 2009

Hyde Park Village Art Fair, Tampa, FL. 2009





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