Neil McAuliffe Biography

Neil McAuliffe

  “My “style” is realistic, but my intent is not “photo realism”. Detail in painting is important, but the final product should look like a painting. I’ve drawn and painted all my life and look forward to many more years of creating art for people to enjoy.”

Neil grew up on Cape Cod where he began to show an early interest in creating drawings and paintings of local sea and landscapes. He received his formal training at Massachusetts College of Art where he studied illustration and would return to Cape Cod after college as a freelance illustrator, making a living creating renderings in pen and ink and watercolor of homes, boats, businesses and golf courses.

In 1991 Neil was commissioned to paint a series of aerial views of various prestigious sights, which were published and sold in limited editions. A few of these sites include Augusta National Golf Course, Pebble Beach Golf Links, Harvard University and the villages of Hyannisport and Osterville: all from a “Bird’s Eye View”.

He spent a few years living and painting in the Caribbean, where he still finds inspiration on his annual trips south. He’s met with great success painting the endless beauty of Jamaica, The Cayman Islands, Bermuda, and Key West. Caribbean commissions include artwork created for Sandals Resorts, Jablum Blue Mountain Coffee Co. and Caribbean Utilities Inc.

For the past 15 years, Neil has been working exclusively in oils. He is, for the most part, a self-taught painter, using his years of mastering watercolor to allow an easy transition to oil painting.

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